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December 22nd, 2009

New clanmate: Verish

Today we are proud to announce that FAIL Clan has a new member: Verish. We’re really happy about that and we hope he will enjoy time spent playing in our clan. 😉

GL & HF!

December 14th, 2009

Nations Cup ’09 has finished!

Today Nations Cup’s team which had taken part in this event has played last game. The final match was between Belgium and Poland. Match ended with score 2:0 for Belgium.

Congrats Belgium for winning this cup! On the other hand big thanks to all players from Polish team that they’ve stood up for call and they fight with all Nations Cup’s oponents.

December 11th, 2009

Nations Cup 2009: upcoming matches

Up to Sunday, Nations Cup 2009’s teams are obliged to play finals matches. In the final Poland is going to play with Belgium and for 3rd place Germany is going to play against USA.

Good luck & high frags!

December 10th, 2009


Two days ago we played a clan war with BACON clan.

Match ended with score 2:1 for FAIL. We played on 3 maps: Cobber Canyon (7:3 for BACON), Mexico (7:6 for FAIL) & Durango (7:6 for FAIL).


  • BACON:
    • Caseus
    • Nixito
    • Smokey
  • FAIL:
    • el tigero
    • klis
    • Rodrigo