June 13th, 2010

1 Day Cup #3 finished!

Few minutes ago the third edition of 1 Day Cup has finished. This time only 3 teams took part in the tournament: mS, Smokin Gunners and of course FAIL.

First match we played against Smokin Gunners. We played 4v4 on 2 maps: Mexico and Farm. On the first map game was really tough for our team, we didn’t take into consideration our enemy and we lost few rounds. Anyway, map finished with score 7:4 for FAIL (we earned 1 point by a time out). Second map was Farm and this was our best map in this match. We defended for long and finally we won 7:1. Smokin Gunners team was: Control, Master, Monster and Spaceman Spliff. Our line up was: Are$, el tigero, klis & Rodrigo. During this match there was one of the tournament’s admins: El Barto.

Second match was harder than previous one. Our opponent was well-known mS clan. We started with Durango, where mS took their first point of advantage in whole match which ended with score 7:0 for mS. Next map was chosen by FAIL clan – Farm. mS didn’t expect such good defending of our clan and the game last for long until they finally break through our defense and got the gold. mS played with squad: mLy, Nautica and Twig. Our line up was: Are$, el tigero and klis. This time our referee was mLy.

After almost an hour, 1 Day Cup finally finished with a following results:

  1. mS
  2. FAIL
  3. Smokin Gunners

Thanks a lot for really good matches and we hope to play again in the next edition of 1DC!