July 10th, 2010

July Cup: results

Finally after almost 5,5 hours of playing we finished first July Cup. Nine teams registered via website to take part in this cup what makes as really happy. 🙂

From 9 teams only 2 had problems which finally made them unable to play, but the others were playing up to 10:30 pm.

From first round teams which qualified for the next round were:

  1. mS
  2. .45x
  3. FAIL

The final results:

  1. mS clan with 2 games won and ratio 33,
  2. FAIL clan with 1 game won and ratio -10,
  3. .45x clan with 2 games lost and ratio -28.

Next cup or tournament will be prepared for more than one day. Thanks you all which stay online and politely waited for the finals.

Hope you had fun playing with us and to see you again next time!