July 1st, 2010

July Cup

We’re proud to announce that our clan is going to organise a tournament for clans and groups of casual players of Smokin’ Guns! The July Cup is organised to celebrate FAIL Clan’s first birthday which is going to be in the end of July.

To take part in this cup you’ll have to read and accept it’s rules which are specified below. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a question on [email protected].

Soon you will be able to sign up to the cup on the website prepared for July Cup: www.cup.failclan.com.

  1. July Cup’10 (called below JC) is going to take place on Saturday, 10th of July at 5:00 pm (GMT+2:00).
  2. JC is going to be played on our server: July [email protected]. The server is protected by password which will be known for teams on Saturday, before JC.
    1. Server details: (server’s location: Warsaw, Poland).
    2. Server admins: [FAIL]el tigero, [FAIL]klis & [FAIL]Rodrigo.
  3. Teams
    1. Teams must be singed up before Saturday, 10th of July, 12:00 am. In case of lack of players teams which would like to play will be able to take part.
    2. Each team has to present their lineup – 3 players, but also we highly recommend to get 1 or 2 more players in case if someone cannot play.
      1. If player quit due to connection timeout, a game is paused, score’s screenshot will be taken, its team has 5-10 minutes to bring another player.
        1. The map is going to be resumed with the previous score.
    3. One player can play only in one team.
  4. Matches
    1. JC’s matches are going to be played on our server with a referee (admins are listed above in 2.2).
    2. Game’s type is going to be bank robbery.
    3. Team plays against all the others participants.
    4. Each match is going to be played up to 2 wins.
      1. If there is a draw 1:1, third map is going to be played.
    5. Each map is going to be played up to 7 wins.
      1. Special rules for timeouts:
        1. If attackers will cause a timeout, 1 point is going to be given to the defenders team.
        2. If player of one team kills a player of the other team before server says “TIMEOUT” the 1 point is going to be given to team which killed opponent.
      2. During one match map can not be played more than once.
    6. Choosing maps
      1. Map is chosen by one team, teams are chosen by the other team.
        1. Each map options to choose changes. For example: Team A chose map on first round, on next map they could choose teams.
        2. If there is a draw, both teams have to choose map. Teams are being reversed. For example, Team A was Outlaws, on the third map they’re going to be Lawmen.
  5. Scoreboard
    1. First, we look on teams amount of matches won.
    2. Then we calculate ratio.
      1. Ratio is calculated by a formula: (RW-RL) / RP * 100%
        1. RW – rounds won
        2. RL – rounds lost
        3. RP – rounds played
    3. After we sort scoreboard by games won, we look at ratio’s value and sort it descending.
  6. Cheating during JC is forbidden. All players cheating and their teams will be banned from tournament.
  7. Map’s bug usage to win round is forbidden.