June 19th, 2010

New SG servers

We’re proud to announce that you can find 2 new servers on your servers list. First one, called “[email protected]” (or simply “FAILandia”) is for public, 14 slots waiting for players. Server is located in Warsaw, Poland which may be the awesome news for players from countries which are located nearer to Poland than to France (Jeuxlinux.fr). Server’s stats are available on GameTracker. Server has the same settings as Jeuxlinux.fr does.

The second server called “FAIL [email protected]” is our clan’s private server for trainings or clan wars (3v3) when #sg-wars would be busy. This server is also located in the capital city of Poland, so pings for players from neighbor countries are ~30-40 – all depends on your Internet connection.

High frags and good luck!