December 28th, 2010

Xmas Cup 2010: FAIL vs mS

Yesterday we played our fourth match in Xmas Cup 2010 against current leaders in tournament rankings – mS. Match ended with a score 2:0 for FAIL and it was the first mS’s lose in this tournament. The match was played on 2 maps:

  1. Mexico – FAIL’s choice,
  2. Durango – mS’s choice.

mS’s lineup was quite obvious and it didn’t surprise us at all: Grelouk, mLy, Nautica and Twister. Our lineup has changed a lot in this match. We had to replace klisiu with a different player and hopefully Prophet agreed to play in our team for this one game. Our lineup: el tigero, Verish, Zubaaa and Whale (Prophet). Thank you Prophet!

Map #1: Mexico

As we chose map, mS picked up a side – lawmen. Our opponents started the game as the defenders. The first round showed that attack is not well-prepared. Due to this fact we lose our first round quickly. The second round was much better – attacking the wooden bank has successfully broken enemy lines and hopefully we were defending two banks up to the end of a map. Really good defense was the key to the victory.

Although we made few mistakes but really good cooperation could fix those mistakes in our defense. That’s how we won first map 7:1.

Map #2: Durango

After lose mS chose Durango and we started a second map as lawmen. We began as the defenders and unfortunately mS broke our lines. The following 3 rounds were really tough, mainly due to really good mS’s defense, but during the 5th round we won. We also improved our defense and picked up different spots on the map and we surprised mS team totally.

They couldn’t get out even of their own spawn and that’s how we were able to win 6 more rounds. Final score 7:4 for FAIL.

Group rankings

After this match we secured our position in the upcoming playoff stage in which our upcoming opponent is going to be mS team once more.


Of course we uploaded the demos from this match and you can download them for each of our players:


We hope that we’ll surprise them again and we’ll advance to the finals.

mS – thank you for really good match & once more we’d like to thank Prophet for this game! 🙂