December 21st, 2010

Xmas Cup 2010: FAIL vs !NuB!

Today we played our third match in Xmas Cup 2010 against current vice-leader in tournaments rankings – !NuB! clan. You should remember them from quite a lot of clan wars which we have played against them in the past 1,5 year. Match ended with a draw 1:1 and we played on Alamo (!NuB!’s choice) and on Mexico.

!NuB!’s lineup didn’t surprise our clan at all – we knew that Boss, Donut, muffin and Sunrise are going to play against us. Our lineup was pretty obvious, el tigero, klisiu and Rodrigo played on both maps. In this match our fourth player was Sosniak – we’re really happy that he played with us in this game, although he had some Internet connection problems, which didn’t allow him to play on Alamo for all game.

Map #1: Alamo

Our team picked lawmen which was really bad choice. !NuB! clan was defending from the beginning and they are well known for tactics used on this map. Alamo began with pure klisiu’s & Rodrigo’s fail – they have blown themselves with a dynamite in the saloon’s bank, which was only the beginning of our loss. We lost on Alamo 7:0.

Map #2: Mexico

FAIL clan was well known to play on Farm, but this time we surprised our opponents and picked a different map. Hopefully we were much better prepared to play on Mexico and we defended it quite well, although we lost one round, but we became the defenders really quick. The map ended with score 7:1 for FAIL clan.


Like always we uploaded demos from this match and you can download them below:

Xmas Cup 2010’s rankings

We still are on the third place in overall rankings and we hope that the upcoming matches will raise our points that we’ll be able to get on higher rankings. 🙂

Upcoming matches

In this week we’re not going to play any matches, we can properly prepare to the upcoming two matches on Monday (probably both) – first against GER clan, and the second one against mS clan.


!NuB! clan – thank you very much for this game, we hope you enjoyed time spent on playing against as the same as we did. High frags and good luck in the upcoming matches! 🙂