December 18th, 2010

Xmas Cup 2010

Today we’ve played our first match in Xmas Cup ’10 organised by #sg.wars. Our opponent was the BB clan. Unfortunately our lineup had to change due to kratos’s in-game problems. Our squads: el tigero, klisiu, kubala and Rodrigo. As you can notice, our ex-member kubala today became active by participating in the cup and by the way he played quite well. 🙂

The first map was our’s pick: Mexico. We have won it 6:0 (BB’s timeout). The second map was BB’s pick: Durango. And also, we began as the attackers and quickly became the defenders which we hold up to the end of the map. And this time also we won 7:0.

Overall score is 2:0 for our clan and we’re really happy that after first match we’ve 3 points for victory in the Xmas Cup.

Xmas Cup’s rules says that every player had to record a demo from each map (unfortunately due to kubala’s Windows 7 he couldn’t record his demos in this match). You can download the demos and take a look how we played versus BB clan:

  1. el tigero’s demos,
  2. klisiu’s demos,
  3. Rodrigo’s demos.

Tomorrow we’re going to play against LG clan – we hope that we’ll be able to make 28-0. 🙂