December 20th, 2010

Xmas Cup: day #2

Yesterday we played another match in Xmas Cup. Our second opponent was LG clan, which hopefully gathered to play upcoming matches in this tournament. LG clan was really good and they won 2:0.

LG’s lineup was quite good, we didn’t expect that they would be so good. LG’s lineup: Blizzard, Daber, Dago & Sirious.

We played on two maps:

  1. Farm
  2. Santa Cruz

Map #1: Farm

On the first map LG began the game as the defenders and they defended the fort well. On this map we couldn’t breach through their defence and win any round on this map. Final score 7:0 for LG clan after 2 time-outs caused by our players.

Map #2: Santa Cruz

After shameful loss on the first map, we decided to act quickly. Our clan also this time started the game as the attackers, but this time it was much easier to win a round. After quite long game we have also lost the second map with the result 7:5 for LG’s.

We were defending quite well, but we have made few mistakes which turned into our loss. Now we know that we have to reorganise our tactics and pay more attention to the opponents.

Our lineup

On the previous lineup you could notice a new member – kubala – who’s playing well against BB clan. This time he was replaced by Verish, who by the way has played his first match in a clan war/a cup in our clan. We’re really happy about that and we hope that he enjoyed this time, even that we lost the game.


Of course, our clan has presented demos of each player of each map, which we posted on #sg.wars forums yesterday after the match. You can download them here:

Xmas Cup’s rankings

Despise defeat we still have chance to win this cup, currently after 2 games played we are on third place. The first place for today comes for mS clan, and the second for NuB clan.

Upcoming matches

Xmas Cup ends on 28th of December and we’ve 3 more matches to play in the following week. First one, against NuB clan we’re going to play tomorrow in the evening, second one, against GER clan on 27th of December and probably on the same day we’re going to play against mS clan instead of scheduled 28th of December. As always we’ll keep you up-to-date. 😉

Sum up

LG – thank you very much for the yesterday’s match and we wish you high frags and good luck against the other teams in the tournament!